Tuesday, October 6, 2009

More bloody wonders

Morgue photos were very popular when the camera was first available to the average man.

Behedding in midst of execution.

This is purported to be the last public guillotine death sentence carried out in France.

Public Justice of a different sort. Unknown lynching.

Unknown lynching in Southern USA.

Hanging of Ruggles Bros, Redding Cal, 1892.jpg

The body of gaspare candella found in a 55 gallon drum. Mobster deaths were always rough.

Police photo of the St. Valentine's Day Massacre of the Purple Gang.

The trophy deaths of Bonnie & Clyde

I am sorry I don't have something less vulgar and tasteless but this was the only version of this photo i have found. Police photo at crime scene, recently found and put on net.

Scene photos of Sharon Tate at the Manson Murders site.

And then we have some odd things:


  1. Why not cover the sick text on the Tate photo in Paint, or something? I wish I didn't see that...

  2. Good job.. We rather see it as it was.. unretouched..

  3. That was the only pic i could find of that original crime scene, and i debated doing that... but decided that it would detract from the photo worse than just leaving the motivator text on it. There's too much of the pic that would be covered otherwise.