Friday, October 3, 2008

Food for the SX halloween party

Party time
Every year we have a huge halloween party (got three firespinners for this year...hubby being one of them). I thought I'd share a party favorite (well, the kids won't eat it).

I present....



1 box of spice cake...bake and let cool completely. Make one box of vanilla pudding. Set aside (the pudding will get mixed in to the cake so it isn't so dry). Get one box of vanilla wafers and use a blender to grind them so fine it feels like sand. Take two table spoons of the "sand" and mix it with blue dye. Set the blue sand aside.

Use a powder/chemical/scent free litter liner and a NEW litter box and shovel. I must stress NEW. The above pic was the first year I did this. I didn't use a liner. It looks better with the liner.

Crumble the cake into the box and stir in the pudding. Cover the whole thing with the "sand." Sprinkle the blue "sand" in to make the crystals. Final touch? Tootsie rolls. Warm them for a few seconds in the microwave and shape them into little poops. Bury some of them...leave some on the side of the litter box...use your imagination.

Serve with a NEW (I repeat NEW) litter scoop!

Have fun!

**Warning: I have never found a little kid who was willing to try it. If you find this a problem, serve it onto plates and hand the plates to the kids. You'll get a better response.