Monday, May 31, 2010

Photographing Death

Lets start you off slow...
Weegee pictures of the murder scene. Must have been one hell of a party hu?

Suicide in mid fall. Possibly Weegee, which would make it New York mid 30's to 40's.

Punishment by Strangulation, China. c1890.

The shooting death of mobster Johnny Stompanano in his wife's home (Lana Turner's Home).

Famous murder on the streets.

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  1. As the photo caption clearly states.. Stompanato was stabbed by Turner's daughter: Cheryl, rather than shot with a gun. And despite a torrid romance, I don't believe that actress Lana Turner was "married" to Stompanato. She would've suffered from very bad press if she did, due to her boyfriend's mobster ties.